New NSOP Swag

The winning design for the new NSOP 10th Anniversary swag announced!

Winning design by Nootka Sound Outdoor Program student Sam Lawrence from Gold River Secondary School.

We have been making cool things happen for 10 years now, but how were we going to celebrate it during Covid -19?

When we realized our 10th anniversary of the Nootka Sound Outdoor Program was coming up, we wracked our brains to think of what would be the best way to celebrate. A party or a super cool, special trip wasn't able to happen due to Covid - 19 restrictions. It was clear that we needed something to get our students involved by doing something at home but also make sure the outcome was going remind them we are one awesome, fantastic family celebrating a very special event.

The call went out.

We put our heads together and had a good long think. Other than taking on a new challenge or achieving that hard-won success, what always put a smile on our student's faces and had them walking with pride? SWAG. And what better way to get them involved, then to ask for THEM to create the design! So the call went out to all of our students, social distancing and self-isolating at home, to send us in a design they felt represented the NSOP program. We were not disappointed. How could we be? Our students constantly meet and exceed our expectations in the great outdoors, they were the perfect people to rise to our challenge!

A winning design announced just in time.

Picking a winning design is never easy but it still needed to be done. We really loved all of the designs but we couldn't deny that one really covered it all. A balance of our standard logo, our anniversary year and some great activities all wrapped in to one - Sam (Lawrence - GRSS) had that and a great reflection element too! Off we ran to the printers with our new design and without a minute to spare - we had 2020 graduates to celebrate! We made it just in time to the GRSS Grad parade in Gold River, proudly sporting our new commemorative shirts!

Thank you again to all of the students that submitted designs, way to go - you did not make this easy on us!

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