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Our Programs

The education system in B.C. is among the most respected in the world. We offer long, short programs, and summer camps.

Please be in touch for more detailed information about what we offer!

Long-term Program


Length: 6-10 months

Ages: Grades 5-12 (10-18 years old)

While enrolled in our schools you will have access to the full complement of academic and elective courses, the outdoor education program, sport teams, indigenous culture and extracurricular activities through our spectacular school district. Flexible start dates

Short-Term Program


Length: 1-4 weeks

Ages: Grade 5-12 (10-18 years old)

This experience will introduce you to Canada in a way that will be hard to forget. From rugged mountains to calm waters, this value-added, remote, truly Canadian cultural and adventure program will be the experience of a life time. Flexible start dates.

Summer Program


Length: 2-4 weeks

Ages: Grades 5-12 (10-18 years old)

Spend the summer with us! The program focus is English  proficiency, with all your favorite summer camp activities. Experience Canadian culture, learn with Canadian students, play in the sun, gain new skills, build friendships and challenge yourself to be the best you can be.

Short Term Program
Soo, Konoha, Miyu - Japan & Korea
Joris - Germany
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